Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Love Can Bridge the Divide

My mind is divided
into shards of thought
divided with fault lines
and fractions,
warring factions
and strange gravities.
The architecture
of my mind
is flimsy and easily
upset by two big, opposing
thoughts, strong-arming
the structure.
A tug of war -
desire on one side
divinity the other.
When I want to go
my mind is too far gone
dreaming and scheming
a fluffy head full of play.
Like a crow entranced
by every shiny thing.
All that glimmers distracts
my pin point gaze.
If my head were a radio
this poem would be static.
If my head were a steering wheel
my car would be all over the road.
If I were speaking to you
you would have no idea
what I’m talking about,
feeding your head questions
that my mind would be
in no mood to answer.
My mind is a flashlight
with a broken lens
throwing shadows
of scary monsters
on the white washed wall
for my evening’s pleasure.
My mind is the Y split
in a river, I invite you
to stand upon the island it makes
and toss your cares downstream
its best that one of us has some peace.
I’ll turn my mess
into a mystery
and tantalize you
with hints and guesses.
Lead you into
my kingdom of thunderstorms,
down my muddy streets
to the cathedral
that sits at the heart of chaos.


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