Sunday, May 14, 2006

Green Trees and the Darkening Sky

-(in a voice of a spring storm-)

Cinematic, overly dramatic
rain cloud formations tumble.
Earth shaken vibrations.
Scope resembles a pretend Illinoisan range -
peak beyond peak hidden by
a lofty wisp of Japanese mountain fog.

Light changes from overcast grey -
to rotted yellowy lemon -
to tempest soup pea green.
A sky to ground mixture
of weather alchemy and wind blown wishes.
I imagine that my soul flies
to blend into stormy horizon
like atmospheric stew
with bird wings.

A crazy artist’s thinking,
a painting alive with spring leaf trees,
and the all black band of rain clouds
become electric, energizes
like a lightning prayer delivered.
Thunder replies quickly
as if God
has an answering machine
and phone with an itchy redial.

Sunday May 14, 2006


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